UFC 177: Danny Castillo and Tony Ferguson Octagon Interviews

UFC 177: Danny Castillo and Tony Ferguson Octagon Interviews

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출처 : UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship

Hear from Danny Castillo and Tony Ferguson after their UFC 177 bout that ended in a close split decision.

업데이트 날짜 : 2014-08-31 08:12:36
Hear from Danny Castillo and Tony Ferguson after their UFC 177 bout that ended in a close split decision.


  1. Castillo is one hell of a sore loser! cheer up dude! its just a game

  2. Tony should of lost


  4. What ever happened to Danny Castillo? Pretty game fighter

  5. Holding a guy down in guard and not throwing punches is not winning in MMA. It's stalling. This is not wrestling. Castillo doesn't know the game he is playing, maybe he should pay attention to the people booing, people don't want to see fighters stall, it's boring as shit. At the end of the day people want to be entertained, which actually means trying to use your skills to get a finish, not just holding guys down. Good riddance.

  6. Losser you, castillo

  7. The Bear that wrestled Khabib

    Such bullshit Castillo got cut.

  8. if a guy can take you down and hold you down tough shit you gotta learn to get back up Castillo won the fight

  9. He was "throwing bombs" LMAO danny literally sucks he should go to bellator

  10. how do you barely get by Danny Castillo, and expect to beat Khabib?

  11. they should fight again just to end this dispute but tony is on a completely different level now

  12. Castillo the fucking lil sook, shit happens, deal with it my gahd, watching him almost cry made me so mad

  13. Castillo jaw is hugeee lol to much juice

  14. Did Danny really need to put Joe out there like that and be sarcastic? He's his fucking friend and he's doing his job.

  15. Showing his real colors danny went from a tough guy to a cry baby in a matter of seconds what a sore loser!!!

  16. Lol what a fucking bitch. Fucking hate Castillo now

  17. Great decision here

  18. both these guys are thinking WAY too much about the game, and not the fight.  danny talks about waiting for time to run out, tony talks about holding him down being enough to win.   this is something I like about metamoris, they are only scoring finishes, not focusing on points.  

  19. Boring Fight

  20. If they were in jail, Ferguson would be alright because Castillo still would just have laid on top of him doing nothing.

  21. We need to be realistic about who this is catering to, the ADHD crowd. Has anyone ever knocked someone out from the bottom? Probably not. These little wing chun hits are doing no damage. I'm thinking there is a factor of at least 30 in force generated between the straight punch and the I love you punch from the bottom. The person controlling the fight is usually working towards something. And you know what? That person is having their way, believe it not. The guy on the bottom is saying, "hey I'm a pussy that can't keep you from doing this." Another thing that was definitely proved  would be that Tony Ferguson's guard is useless. You can enter that guys guard at will without feeling threatened at all.

  22. I hate these straight from boxing fanboys come here and downplay the wrestling part. Newflash kids: Boxing is not all of it. There's boxing, kicking, grappling etc… in MMA. That's why it's called MIXED MARTIAL ARTS. Not stand up in the ring for days with big pillows on your hands just throwing punches.

  23. Weird just Weird at the end.

  24. This guy is worse than Hendricks when it comes to split decisions… 

  25. " I controlled a grown man on his back and he couldn't do anything, if we were in jail he'd be in trouble " hahahaha what a gay boy

  26. Tony had a much more active guard, and that's what earned him points even when on the ground.  Castillo didn't employ the GSP strategy well, at least the latter stays active with ground and pound.  Only time Castillo tried something significant was at the end trying to strap in that choke.  Getting popped in the ears and elbowed all fight while on top doesn't equal points

  27. I was pulling for Castillo but he didn't deserve that decision. I'm glad judges are seeing that control isn't winning if you're getting struck constantly from the bottom man. I appreciate wrestling in MMA but if that's all you have to offer and you can't work on the ground, you shouldn't win


  29. you controlled him… big fucking deal… layind down with a man dosnt win the fight doofus…. If he did some damage while controlling him, that would be different,  Ferguson was AWESOME in that fight

  30. "Thats a safe answer"?
    Fool trying to punk Joe rogan HA!
    Not his Fault you Didnt Finish the fight
    Joe would snap his neck.
    Fuckin Loser

  31. Ferguson is an unsuspecting beast. I wasn't expecting those skills.

  32. What the Hell did I just watch?? That was the most pathetic post fight interview everrr.. Mommyy I Wuvvv You, I'm Sawyyyy

  33. Castillo thinks laying on a grown man for 3 rounds is MMA. Go work on your all round game, you aint winning fights by trying to sleep with your opponents

  34. The two judges made the right call here. In my opinion judges shouldn't score points for fighters if all they do is 'control' there opponent and hold him there. Controlling doesn't get you any closer to knocking an opponent out or getting a submission. If the guy on the bottom is doing more damage than the guy on top then that really shows how poor of a performance the top guy is doing. Forget about position, only consider strikes. Naturally the top guy has the advantage but if the bottom guy is getting more damage done then score the round for him.

  35. Ferguson should be fined for that crap… he spit water all over the damn octagon during his entrance.  You could see them sliding around on it all the way into the Dillashaw fight.

  36. People are forgetting that Castillo won the boxing too…

  37. If u wer in jail you'd be in truble said castio lol get the fuck out heer nobody fights like that in jail lol if that was jail furgy would have stab the shit out of your neck lmao so castio would be the one gething his shit pushed inn you fight like a pussy castio

  38. Love it when the lay and prayers don't get the decisions, your job is to fight not to prevent a fight.

  39. After reading some of the comments I believe there are some aspects that are being missed. One is that if you engage with a take down and end up in top position the opponent had three basic options. One, offensive grappling such as going for sweeps or subs. Two, defensive grappling such as holding down his posture and preventing damage from the top. And three, spending all your energy to getting back up. If you do the offensive route then you open your self up for ground and pound or counter subs so high rish/reward. If you do two you are losing because no one is doing anything but one guy has a better position. If you do three that forces one of two things. Either you get away and back to your feet or the other guy counters you and is forced to spend all his energy retaking or maintaining top position. If a guy is put on bottom and chooses to try to get up and doesn't that means top is consistently countering bottoms attempts to stand. So basically if you are in bottom and you don't either successfully stand back up or go for offensive grappling you are losing. In this fight Ferguson was trying with all his might to stand forcing Castillo to try to maintain top and he was successful. UFC has rules for safety but it is supposed to simulate a real fight. In a real fight top has options to do damage that he can't do in UFC such as headbutt and pushing/slamming/scraping into the ground so top should be scored better than bottom also because it is harder to get and maintain.

  40. Castillo should be sorry, that fight was fucking horrible. Castillo tried holding him to win a decision

  41. Castillo should be sorry, that fight was fucking horrible. Castillo tried holding him to win a decision

  42. this video doesn't do the boo's justice. you couldn't hear what tony was saying over the boo's he was getting. it was crazy how loud the boos were live.

  43. lol gunning for a finish Danny….

  44. This is why I've never been a fan of Castillo and never will be. The guy admits to lying on an opponent because he believed that was all he has to do to win a fight. I feel like he threw less than 10 strikes while in top position. There was zero aggression, zero effective ACTUAL grappling, and definition zero effective striking and all he had going was octagon control. He absolutely deserved to lose this fight even though he probably could have won by doing ANYTHING when he had control

  45. What I dont understand is why being on your back means losing.. There are so many submissions you can pull of your back that it shouldnt be considered a negative thing.
    If you cant do anything else while holding someone on his back, besides holding him on his back, then he is controlling you as much as you are controling him.

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